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Northlake Veterinary Hospital will have your pet squeaky clean and running around in happy circles after a grooming appointment with our very own Danette Talianich. Not only will your pet feel great, but regular grooming will also provide health benefits. Keeping your pet trimmed or shaved in the summer months can keep them cooler and more comfortable, as tangled and matted hair can be a constant irritating pull on the skin creating a source for biting and scratching.

Fleas and ticks can hide in the matted hair, causing an even greater source of irritation. Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed can reinforce healthy foot structure and posture, and reduce the risk of infection.

Dannette has been a part of Northlake Veterinary Hospital for more than 20 years. She is an excellent groomer with hundreds of satisfied clients. She stays busy and books up quickly, so call ahead for your grooming appointment.

*All vaccinations are required for grooming.*