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In-Clinic Diagnostics

Northlake Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer the Northshore area in-house diagnostic services. Our new lab capability allows our expert veterinarians to run blood work for pets and get results within minutes to begin treatment as necessary.

Our analyzers provide blood chemistry results, complete blood counts (CBCs), electrolyte levels, and thyroid values within 30 minutes, so you can get results while you wait. It is important to have blood work done for your pets prior to any surgery so that we can determine if they have any underlying issues that cannot be seen during a physical examination. The numbers from blood work are also important for sick animals that simply are not behaving as they usually do. It allows us to ensure that they are as healthy on the inside as they are on the outside.

Finally, blood work is an important tool to help our doctors find potential issues early, when treatment can be more effective.